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People who have disabilities remain an untapped source in the country’s employees, facing an unemployment price of 70 percent.

NISH, a non-profit organization that assists secure federal agreements for firms that use people who have disabilities through the Javits-Wagner-O’Day System, is attempting to switch the position quo. The business has launched a fresh program whereby organizations specified as “Centers of Excellence” provide as mentors to additional agencies to greatly help them enhance the quality of the support and items they offer to the federal government.

The Javits-Wagner-O’Day System is the most significant single way to obtain jobs in the U.S. for individuals with disabilities. Referred to as the JWOD plan often, it provides employment opportunities for a lot more than 45,000 those who are blind or possess other severe disabilities.

Through the JWOD program, NISH works together with a network greater than 600 non-profit agencies that employ and train people with disabilities.

The scheduled program is due to the Wagner-O’Day Act, passed in 1938, which provided occupations for the blind by permitting them to produce mops and brooms to market to the government. In 1971, Congress amended the take action to add people with serious disabilities and also to permit the agencies to supply services and also products.

Relating to a recently available Harris Interactive study, two out of 3 people who have disabilities who aren’t working need to work, however the lack of accessibility and opportunities issues prevent them from finding employment.

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